Why WintacLawn for Your Business?

Just a few of the reasons it's the perfect software for you...

We understand how critical it is for software to intuitive and easy to use. We have incorporated over 25 years of feedback from lawn care and landscaping businesses into making WintacLawn as user friendly as possible. Between WintacLawn’s intuitive design and easy to follow onboarding process, you will be able to start using the system within minutes of signing up.

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WintacLawn is a cloud-based software solution. This means that you can access the software from any device with internet availability at anytime. WintacLawn was built with responsive design meaning it will fit whatever device you are using. This means you can easily navigate all of your company information on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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WintacLawn is a SaaS software solution that allows you to invoice and collect payment from the field this ultimately allows for less office time spent updating tickets and sending invoices, less time spent calling customers with overdue accounts if you collect onsite. In addition WintacLawn will help your lower your operating costs by:

  • Eliminating paperwork
  • Create proposals in the field – you don’t need to drive back to the office to schedule.
  • Streamline office procedures – quickly see all pending proposals or all jobs that need to be scheduled, create services that automatically recur. You don’t have to try to gather information from a bunch of different places
  • SAAS solution allows you to work from anywhere
  • Salespeople don’t need to come to office in morning – can get their schedule and all relevant lead information from home or the road
  • Tie in with QuickBooks Online to eliminate double entry
  • Send employee notifications via text or email to easily update them of schedule changes (less time than calling)
  • Create reusable Project and Proposal templates to save time for similar contracts
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WintacLawn is a powerful business management software tool that will allow you to drive additional revenue by giving you the ability to:

  • Create proposals in the field – get your quotes accepted onsite which can help prevent competitors from coming in and stealing your business
  • Automatic scheduling of work will make sure all of your services are performed in a timely manner – build loyal customers who will renew and promote your business
  • Ability to see available man hours vs scheduled work hours helps you see any open job slots that you can try to fill
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Founded in 1988, Wintac has been providing software for landscapers for over 25 years. With over 25 years of experience, we have a proven track record you can feel comfortable with.

  • 25 years of feedback from landscapers has been built into the software
  • We understand the business challenges landscapers like you are facing and can help advise you on best practices when buying and using business management software
  • We are going to be around for another 25 years
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The industries best software support comes standard. What does this mean? It means you get live unlimited support standard when you purchase. This means that you can:

  • Speak directly with support reps during business hours
  • Live chat support representatives during business hours
  • Email questions 24 hours a day
  • Access our knowledge base 24 hours a day
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We get it — your job is to manicure lawns, take care of properties, and enhance the surroundings of the community. It's not to be a pro at buying landscaping software.

We want to help you make sure you get the software that is the right fit for your company. If you are unsure of how to go about identifying and purchasing the right lawn care software provider for your landscaping company, please reference our landscaping software buyers guide below.

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