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Scheduling & Dispatching

Scheduling with WintacLawn saves time for everyone involved. Drag and drop scheduling allows you to easily assign scheduled jobs to crews, and you can easily schedule recurring jobs such as weekly mowing for your maintenance customers.

wintaclawn scheduling
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Assemble work crews (can be ad hoc or standing)
  • Create scheduled jobs for staff and/or crews
  • View schedule for staff & crews
  • Create recurring jobs
  • Assign equipment, tools, vehicles to jobs
  • Assign consumables to jobs
  • Fit new recurring work request on weekly/monthly schedule
  • Dispatch Board - Coming Soon
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Projects & Proposals

Easily build professional proposals to present to your customers. Once accepted, WintacLawn can create the project and/or jobs associated with the proposal.

wintaclawn projects and proposals
  • Track various proposal stages: Draft, Pending, and Accepted
  • Create PDF's to email proposals to customers
  • Automatically create project based on accepted proposals
  • Maintain standard price list with corresponding costs for easy proposal building
  • Attach photos and documents to proposals - Coming Soon
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Invoicing & Payments

WintacLawn makes it easy to get paid faster. Quickly invoice completed jobs to shorten your AR cycle. Email your invoices to your customers for faster payment or even collect payment while on site.

wintaclawn invoicing
  • Easily create invoice upon completion of job
  • Create PDF to email invoices to customers
  • See all completed jobs in one place to ensure all jobs have been invoiced
  • Sales tax calculations based on job location settings
  • Customer specific billing terms
  • Easily view invoices by unpaid, paid and overdue
  • Apply customer payments to invoices
  • Create 1 invoice for multiple services
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Integrate with QuickBooks Online for a seamless solution as well as integrated messaging for contact notifications.

  • Integration with QuickBooks Online for a seamless solution
  • Import Customer data from CSV file
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Employee Management

WintacLawn allows you to easily assemble Teams for your field staff to manage their schedules. See individual employee's calendars and skill levels for optimized scheduling.

wintaclawn employee management
  • Associate skills with individual employees
  • Assign employees to work teams
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Customer Management

Manage all of your vital customer information in one spot including property locations, customer notes and unlimited contacts.
wintaclawn customer management
  • Identify different customer types (e.g. Residential or Commercial)
  • Manage unlimited service locations per customer
  • Import customer data from CSV file
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Mobile Access

As a web based solution, you will have full access to all vital company information in the field. Your field staff will also be able to quickly update their completed jobs, invoice, and apply payments from the field.

wintaclawn mobile access
  • Create proposals onsite for customers
  • Access WintacLawn via smartphone, tablet or any device connected to the internet
  • Easily make real time schedule changes from the field
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